Of destinations and detours


I’ve never been much of a planner. I tend to be a wait-till-the-last-minute person. Some might call it procrastination. I simply call it preference. I don’t like to get bogged down in too many details. To-do lists overwhelm me. I focus so much on everything that needs to get done that I can’t enjoy completing each individual task. I understand the need for plans and to-do lists. And God put plenty of people on this earth who are not only exceptional at planning but who receive immense pleasure from checking off or crossing out items on their lists.

My sister is a planner. And she’s a really good one. Have a momentous occasion coming up? She’s your gal. Everything from the invitations to the table decor to the entertainment will be thematically linked, of the highest quality, and have hours of thought behind its execution. Party planner extraordinaire. It’s her new middle name.

Me? Well, let’s just say, “Oh is that tomorrow?” is my middle name. Prime example: my hubby recently celebrated his 50th birthday. Pretty big deal, right? I threw together a swell shindig at Incredible Pizza complete with one-week-notice phone invites to two friends and my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. My hubby still enjoyed the “party”. Personally I think it was the over-the-hill ensemble I made him wear. Either that or the all-he-could-eat pizza buffet.

I am also the person who, unlike everyone else in my family, doesn’t send out Christmas cards. Not because I don’t want to or don’t have time. I could make the time. I just forget. My “forgetfulness” over the years is evidenced in the four Christmas cards I get from family every year as opposed to the thirty or forty my sister gets. She remembers to send hers. Always.

This time of year, it’s easy to see the chasm separating the planners from the non-planners. Planners had their Christmas decorations up the day after Thanksgiving and several gleaming gifts under the tree. Us non-planners still have presents to purchase and bins of decorations nestled in the attic.

I accept my preference. Others may not, but I do. It’s who I am.

I’ve been watching people plan for upcoming trips to various locations. I’ve seen people book hotels, purchase plane tickets, reserve rental cars, fill carts with travel-size HBAs. Checking to-do lists, scratching off completed items.

Me? I don’t travel much. Meniere’s Disease makes traveling not so fun. But that’s OK. I’ve accepted that this is who I am.

And believe it or not, I am planning for a destination. I RSVP’d “Yes” several years ago. And my life hasn’t been the same since.

All our plans (or non-plans), all our destinations are but detours on the road to our final destination. The one where we get to meet our Father who so lovingly adopted us into His family.

God is a Master Planner, so He sent out His invitations when He created man. He even sent His Son to personally invite everyone.

My hope is for more people to RSVP “Yes” to Him, “Yes” to the only destination that matters, “Yes” to His plan, His will, His Word. It is the best “Yes” a person can make.

The date on His invitation is drawing near. Oh how I pray that few miss it.


7 thoughts on “Of destinations and detours

    • Thank you so much, Levi. I am fighting my way back to health. I miss reading your posts and all about your trips to New York with the Jews for Jesus. You are such an inspiration to me. I hope you know that. And I can’t thank you enough for always being an encourager. God is definitely gearing me up for a “writing season”, so I am ready to be more active in the blogosphere. I’ve missed you, Levi. Hugs and love to you, my brother and friend. πŸ™‚

      • Heather, im sorry to hear you havent been well. Im thankful you are better. God is faithful to us, but at times its hard for us to see His good intentions in the midst of the fire.

        I have been so busy that i havent had time to post anything. I just returned night before last from 10 days in NYC. Im praying about continuing blogging. My time is very limited. This summer i will be a month in Paris, another in Israel, as well as India, Toronto, and my regular trips to NY. I do post regularly on Facebook.

        So good to hear from you. I look forward to reading you once you feel up to it. Lord bless you and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. πŸŽ„πŸŽ

      • Wow…you are quite the busy bee. I can’t wait to read about all of your adventures. I will have to wait, though, until you resume blogging (if that is God’s will) as I am not on Facebook. I need as few distractions in my life as possible and that was a big one for me, so I have been Facebook-free for a little over two years now. (I’m sure I’ll be getting a plaque soon…) πŸ™‚

        Big hugs to you and have a Merry Christmas.

  1. “I accept my preference. Others may not, but I do. It’s who I am.”

    Good morning Heather – reminds me of that other one: “Yet not as I will, but as you will”. I am beginning to wonder if having a sense of purpose and direction and planning (for some) is a distraction. That purposeful drifting (for some) is a way of moving with Him as He wills. Spirit guided (or maybe just me being a lazy so and so). I find I plan less, listen more, and am much more content in so doing – and yet far more receptive to “that is not me” initiatives than ever before.

    “God is a Master Planner” – thank you for tapping these words! And if you do not tap again before – have an absolutely splendid Christmas and New Year!!


    • Ah, yes, my friend. I quite agree with you (as usual). πŸ™‚

      I am embracing my “purposeful drifting” and find I can actually accomplish much more without all the hassle of lists and plans. He is my guide, nudging me back onto the path when I stumble. I have a new prayer. I’ll share it with you: “Oh Father don’t let my ‘need to do’ overcome my desire to ‘heed to You'”.

      Thank you, Paul, for your kind words. As always, I am truly grateful.

      Blessings and hugs to you!

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