Time after time


If you’re an 80s child like I am, then it’s a veritable impossibility that the name “Cyndi Lauper” means nothing to you. Her orange hair and multilayered skirts are an iconic testament to the rowdiness (and fun) of that decade. Yes, I donned the side-swept bouffant and neon-speckled clothes a couple of times while lip-synching “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun“. One of my favorite songs of hers, though, has always been “Time After Time” (Eva Cassidy’s version is, in my opinion, FAR superior. The woman had serious pipes. Listen to it. A-MAzing.)

In this middle of the song, Cyndi penned a tender moment of what I like to think ofย  as a person’s decision to walk with Christ:

Sometimes you picture me –
I’m walking too far ahead
You’re calling to me, I can’t hear
What you’ve said –
Then you say – go slow –
I fall behind –
The second hand unwinds

I often think about my pre-Christian life, when I made my own path and listened to the world. I know He was calling me, but I couldn’t hear Him over the swell of the world’s enticing sin-buffet. I was deaf, blind, and lame in my sin.

He kept calling. Time after time.

Then one day, I stopped, turned around, and heard Him. He healed me. He opened my ears, eyes, and taught me how to walk in His way.

Many times since I have fallen in line behind Him on the path, He has whispered, “Go slow. Seize this moment, don’t waste it.”

Time is one of those intangible, relative things that is just out of my reach. I wonder:

  • How much time do I have left?
  • How well am I using the time I do have?
  • How can Jesus unwind the second hand on my previous sin-filled life and tell me, “All is forgiven, Heather. It is finished. Your debt is paid.”

Then I think about about how God’s timing, something I can’t imagine or understand, saves me when I least expect it.

Yesterday morning, I was stopped at the entrance of my subdivision, bracing myself for work and traffic and life. A brick-red truck was down the road a bit. He wasn’t speeding and I could have pulled out in front of him. But I heard God whisper, “Go slow.” So I waited. The truck passed and I eased in behind it. Less than half a mile up the road is a traffic light. Yesterday, it switched to Go-green a breath of a second before the truck and I neared the intersection. He signaled a left blinker and began his turn when a speeding car collided into him. The driver didn’t apply brakes. Didn’t slow or swerve. Simply plowed into the truck, totaling both vehicles.

After the dust settled and the adrenaline waned, I thanked God for not giving up on me.ย  I thanked Him for calling out to me time after time. I thanked Him for His whispers of:

If you’re lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you; I’ll be waiting
Time after time

22 thoughts on “Time after time

    • I am learning to remain in Him. To stay. To seize each moment He offers me. And I am learning to silence the world around me so that I can hear Him. There’s just so much noise out there.

      I love you tons, Di. Can’t wait until Sunday!

  1. Another eighties girl here. Have always loved loved loved this song, but never made that connection and carried it over to God. Thank you for those new thoughts. I also am always pondering those time questions you mentioned. Great post. You should write more often, love reading your words!

    • Thank you so much, Rebekah! I love Cyndi’s song “True Colors” too. I imagine God singing that to me. He knows my true colors, sees them and thinks they are beautiful. Even when the world doesn’t. One of my favorite parts is:
      “Show me a smile then,
      Don’t be unhappy, can’t remember
      When I last saw you laughing
      If this world makes you crazy
      And you’ve taken all you can bear
      You call me up
      Because you know I’ll be there”

      God is always there. That’s so comforting to me.

      I will definitely try to post more often. I have a menu of ideas but don’t know which one to write first. I’m learning to listen for God’s, “Now. Write this one.”

      I think Paul was right. We are definitely sisters! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Blessings to you!

  2. But I heard God whisper, โ€œGo slow.โ€
    Heather, thank you. I have floated in an hour of Eva, and come back here to add a few words. And suddenly am thinking Eva is to a song what you are to an unwinding second hand, a drum beating out of time. You pause a moment and unwind the second hand. Go slow. A whisper. Turned into an hour for me.

    I had intended to bash on about your traffic light moment. Yet somehow that is yours. Not mine. Your truth. Your unwound moment. Too precious to bang on about from my keyboard. Instead … The moment you gave me is equally precious. You catch a ray of light and illumine something I never knew was waiting. Time after time.

    Just like our lord, Eva came and went. And then changed so many by simply being here no more. Not in the flesh. Yet in spirit and song and such love of the spirit in the words of the song. A moment unwound time after time. Millions touched. Reminds me of pebbles. And ripples. And not knowing. And never needing to know. Go slow. A whisper. I’ll be there. Time. After. Time. Is time unwound.

    Hey dirt sister!! Thank you.

    • Paul,
      What a blessing to see your comment waiting for me. Eva has been a melodious soundtrack to my life for quite some time. It is easy to “sit a spell” (as we say in the south) in the music of her soul. When I hear her singing, I feel the impact of every heartache and heartjoy. She didn’t just sing notes and words on a page. She breathed life into them. I am honored, my friend, that you compared me to her.

      God is breathing life into words like “time” and “ripples” and “go slow” and “remain”. That word “unwound” has me thinking about how Christ’s sacrifice on the cross unwound the clock on sin. God is giving me notebooks full of His whispers and His precious Word. He is connecting everything with the thread of Christ.

      My mom is a quilter and she buys bundles of random material. Sometimes I see the colors she chooses and think they almost clash. She will tell me, “Just wait until it’s finished.” And then, a million stitches later, she presents me with a tapestry of textures and colors that shouldn’t work together, but they do. The unifying element is the thread. “It ties it all together,” she says. God is our master quilter. He knew someday, He would send His son to say, “Just wait until it’s finished.” Jesus is the thread pulling all of our variegated lives together. Praise Him for picking up the pieces of our sin-filled lives and covering us in forgiveness.

      Thanks as always, Paul. I’m blessed to be your dirt sister.

  3. Dear Heather, I’m so glad you were sensitive to the Spirit. How faithful He was to you and to all of His children. Thanks for sharing this. A great testimony of how faithful our God is. May He keep you safe from all harm. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Thank you so much, Levi. You know just how bad Tulsa traffic is and how crazy drivers get in the morning. But I never thought I’d see it on my little side road, away from the expressways and turnpikes. I am so blessed that God keeps me under His mighty wing and gave me the whisper. Each time He speaks to me, I am grateful that He called me to Him when He did, because I don’t know where I’d be if I wasn’t sensitive to the Spirit.

      Thanks so much, Levi. Have a blessed day and a wonderful Fourth of July.

  4. Your time is eternal ~ you are His~

    Thank you for sharing the words of this song with so many meaningful verses.
    I enjoyed also
    ” If you are lost ~ You can look ~ You will find me ~ Time after Time” and
    “If you fall ~ I will catch you ~ I will be waiting ~ Time after Time” .

    Thank you for sharing a discerning ear, and listening to His voice of protection.

    Blessing to you always ~ Lil Sister ~ Amen :Y

    • Thank you! I am so grateful that I am His, that He called me to Him.

      The lyrics of the song probably weren’t intended for Christian purposes but I see God in the words. He catches us each time we fall. Praise Him!

      Have a blessed day, my friend and family and Christ. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting. When I hear this song, I can’t help but see God’s comforting, strong hand, nudging me through life, encouraging me to “Go slow” (as Paul so eloquently reminded me).

      Thanks again.

  6. I have met people who have had a similar experiences-not to under-estimate your experience. Each one is amazing when it happens. On a similar vein, though less dramatic, a friend told me that she was on a side street and she suddenly felt the need to slow down. A cat shot out into the road where she would have been if she had carried on at the same speed. And then the same thing happened to me. I was driving along an empty road about to speed up and something stayed my foot. A cat ran out in front of me. I know a cat is not the same as a human being, and yet I think God was being gracious to me. I would have been incredibly distressed to run over a cat. He knows me that well.Thank you for your story-re-blogged by Paul. I too like the song-both versions.

    • Our God is amazing, isnโ€™t He?? He knows it would kill me to run over a cat, too. He watches over us, time after time, guiding our steps and steering us where He wants us. And Iโ€™m so blessed to be His adopted daughter.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. Have a blessed day!

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