A duck, a gnome, and a camera


Last weekend was Operation Homework. If you know anything about me at all, you know I’m a big nerd and LOVE homework. I take assignments seriously and am the annoying girl in class who fills Trapper Keepers with notes and asks lots of questions. I could be a perpetual student. The titles and degrees don’t matter to me. It’s the acquired knowledge that gets me doing the happy dance. Maybe that’s why I love Beth Moore Bible studies so much. She is notorious for her in-depth homework, which makes me giddy, and her Texas big hair, which makes me homesick. Sigh. I’m waist-deep in her Daniel study right now and it’s fantabulous. Where was I? Oh yes. Homework. Saturday, armed with my DSLR camera, notebook, and course handout, I ventured into the wilds of my bestie Flea’s backyard for some sunny day snapshots. I chose her yard because, well, she has chickens. And Little Jimmy Dickens. And a gnome. Heh.

For assignment numero uno (see, I took notes in Spanish class), I moved my camera out of automatic mode (the evil green box, as my teacher calls it) to manual mode. This means using my noggin instead of relying on the camera’s built-in intelligence. I adjusted everything, from the ISO and aperture to the white balance and shutter speed. With the sun at my back and a subject in my eye, I composed my picture. It wasn’t until I scrolled through my photos that I realized my shutter speed changed with each shot. Turns out I was not “metering” between the shots but was adjusting my exposure. [insert crickets chirping here…] My teacher explained this to me in last night’s class. I wanted to say “Ahh..”, in a now-I-get-it tone, but honestly, I didn’t get it. So yeah, I took EXTRA notes last night. I am learning more than I thought my, cough-cough, 40-year-old brain could hold. I’m still hazy on most of the technicalities, but haze is better than sludge. So there’s that. Plus, I’m having a blast.

Flea graciously loaned me her backyard AND her pink Crocs. Flash and Patches, her amazing Aussies, joined us as we released Jimmy from his house. And I must say that despite my shutter-speed debacle, the pictures turned out pretty good. For a beginner.

Meet Little Jimmy Dickens. He’s pretty much the cutest thing on webbed feet.

He was about to do the macarena. I just know it.

He was about to do the macarena. I just know it.

For some reason, Jimmy loves the pink Crocs, which is cool since I was able to get some fun shots of him.

Next up is the sideways-glancing Sir Gnome. His is a lonely existence of hanging out on ledges and in random plants. Perhaps I shall get him a friend.

Wherefore art thou, Gnomeo?

Wherefore art thou, Gnomeo?

I took quite a few more pictures outside but had some fun indoors, too. It was Flea and her hunny’s anniversary, so she had a dozen long-stemmed red roses on her dining table. The next photo is my attempt at an artistic composition.

As a matter of fact, I DO hear "Phantom of the Opera" in the background

As a matter of fact, I DO hear “Phantom of the Opera” in the background

I was only a wee bit jealous of the roses. My hubby likes to give me practical gifts. Which is nice. Like last Valentine’s Day, he gave me a ceramic heater and some decks of cards. My brother-in-law said that was my hubby’s way of telling me that if I play my cards right, things might heat up. Heh.

Thanks, Flea, for letting me invade your home.

For my final photo, I put the camera back in auto mode. But, shhhh, don’t tell my teacher. My cat, Squeaks, who you’ve met, tolerates my obsessive picture-taking quite well. For some reason, though, when I returned from my backyard adventure, she developed a bad attitude. I half expected her to flip me the paw. Instead, this is what she did.

Go wash off that duck smell. The gnome, too. Silly human.

Go wash off that duck smell. The gnome, too. Silly human.

Time to go. I have notes to read, homework to complete, and pictures to compose.


7 thoughts on “A duck, a gnome, and a camera

  1. Beautiful shots! I took my “auto-intelligence” off my camera and got a few looks at sunsets, but nothing as dramatic as these!


    • Thank you! I had so much fun taking photography classes. Mostly I take pictures of my precious niece and nephew, but sometimes it’s fun to try “artsy” pics. I am still a novice but enjoy learning new tricks and seeing the world through a lens. 🙂

      • As long as they don’t become “rose-colored glasses”… You seem to have an eye for the lens!

        Good job, I’ll expect to see more “artsy” work from you in the future…


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