Weird Fortunes


I love Chinese food. Not too keen on fortune cookies (I prefer REAL dessert), but I do love the little gem of goodness inside. Sometimes I get poignant, thought-provoking nuggets. Sometimes I get Jack Handy-esque sayings. And sometimes…I get just plain weird ones.


This one threw me. Well, the comma threw me. Had the comma been remanded to its proper place in Separation Street, the fortune would have made perfect sense…AND been true!! Heh. But that comma…

Yesterday, after lunch, I unwrapped my fortune, broke open the crumbly cookie and revealed…

Ok…I get the whole deceptive appearance thing. But that second bit… “Endurance makes gold.” Hmm…what does that mean?

I asked around – my smartest friends had NO idea. I even tried rubbing Squeaky’s belly.

Master Squeaks

Four years ago someone posted a question on Yahoo! Answers and this was the response:
It could mean “You’ll never know until you get to the bottom of the matter” for “Appearance can be deceiving” and “Remember endurance makes gold” could refer to the struggling of an athlete to get a medal like in the Olympic Games.

Interesting. But still not buying it.

The way I figure it is this: Either there’s a leprechaun named “Endurance” who has a gold-making factory, OR, if we have patience and endure the trials we face in this life, God will reward us with riches greater than gold…not HERE, not with the meaningless baubles we collect and wear, but with the eternal gold of Heaven.

Your thoughts?

Do you have an odd fortune you’d like Squeaks and I to analyze?

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